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Ways to Teach your Kids the Gift of Kindness

How you can teach kids the gift of kindness.

Teach kids the gift of kindness as giving back usually starts with telling your child a story that takes them away from their video game world and into the world of someone else.

Knowing someone’s predicament makes you want to help them.Not just your hands, but your heart as well.

The best gift for children is a firsthand experience of the joy of giving back, rather than a screen or action figures.

It’s also never too early to begin. Here are some ideas for inspiring your child to be a giver.

Make a competition out of it.

Challenge your siblings or classmates to participate in a charitable campaign, such as a coat or canned-goods drive. Top performers get bragging rights.

The best thing about this type of competition is that everyone wins.

Let your child join a volunteer organization.

Connect kids with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, or other youth organizations, so can help build their communities.

By planting trees, painting houses, baking bread for the homeless, and completing other projects.
Also, keep an eye on what’s going on at school.

Personal passions should be encouraged.

Knitting skills, a love of Lego architecture, a perfect singing pitch, or winning soccer moves can all lead to volunteer opportunities for your child.
Look for organizations that could benefit from your children’s unique skills.

Make it a project for the whole family.

Because kindness is contagious, involve your children and the entire family in a project that helps to give back to society or addresses important issues such as racial equality.

These projects will instill values in your children, encouraging them to be kind to others without even realizing it.

Also, even when you’re tired and frustrated—especially when you’re tired and frustrated—try to speak to your child in a kind manner.

Discipline with love, encourage them when they’re down, and be kind at all times.

Create a giving culture.

Use role modeling to teach your child about doing good for others.

Volunteer on a regular basis to help those in need.

Allow your children to assist those who are in need.
A small act of kindness can go a long way.

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Instilling common sense values

Teach your children to appreciate the use of words such as thank you and please.

Young children require constant reminders about attempting to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Ask your child to try to remember to think before saying something negative about someone.

And to consider how they would feel if it was said to them.

Teach your child to say only positive things, the kinds of things that make people happy rather than sad.

Teach them to keep their mouths shut when they disagree with something.

It’s also a good idea to teach children the importance of being friendly and saying something nice to others.

Kind children are also charitable, understand that their parents cannot buy everything they want for them (and why they should not), and are patient, thankful, and self-controllable.

Don’t spoil your children if you want to teach them kindness.

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