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‘Watters’ World’ investigates Nancy Pelosi’s financial dealings with assets worth up to $315 million

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a member of Congress for nearly 34 years and currently serves as one of the most powerful figures in the United States government.

In the midst of a recent flurry of complicated decisions as leader of her caucus, Fox News host Jesse Watters launched a “Watters’ World” investigation into her financial dealings during her political career.

Last week, the Speaker was unable to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill due to opposition from progressives within her own party. Watters blasted her policies for making it “harder and harder for average Americans to accumulate wealth,” shackling them with taxes, and “destroying the dollar with reckless spending.”

The current salary of a Speaker of the House is in the low six figures, but Pelosi is one of Congress’s wealthiest members.

Watters wondered what her secret was: “It appears to be her husband, Paul.”

“Paul founded a real estate and venture capital firm after they married. And, through his connections, he propelled Nancy into the political arena, assisting her in being elected to Congress in 1987 “Watters explained.

“”Over the years, the couple has perfectly timed the market,” he continued, “while Nancy has been a Washington insider.” The Pelosis always knows what the best investment is, whether it’s in real estate or stocks.”

The Pelosis own several properties, including a Napa Valley mansion worth up to $25 million, a DC waterfront condo worth more than $2 million, and a red brick mansion in California’s Pacific Heights.

Watters went on to say that her husband owns commercial properties in San Francisco that are “worth up to $50 million.”

“The Pelosis’ wealth has skyrocketed in 2018,” he said. “Her net worth was revealed in her financial disclosure report that year to be more than $114 million.

In 2019, Pelosi’s assets totaled a whopping $271 million, and in 2020, those figures rose even higher to as much as $315 million.”

“Visa was concerned in 2007 that the new Democrat Congress would target their swipe fees, costing them billions of dollars. As a result, they assembled a team of lobbyists who descended on Pelosi “Watters elaborated. “Visa’s CEO met with her in person. She received donations from them. One of his advisers resigned and went into the visa lobbying business himself.”

“Paul Pelosi received a phone call from his broker. He had good fortune “Watters went on. “Paul was given a pre-screened invitation to participate in Visa’s $18 billion IPO. Were Nancy and her husband unsure? No, they purchased Visa stock worth between $1 million and $5 million.

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But things improve. Bills that would have harmed Visa’s stock price were blocked in the House during Pelosi’s tenure as speaker. Visa shares increased by more than 200 percent during this period, making the Pelosis a millionaire on paper.”

“The Pelosis received a million dollars in Tesla stock in January, just before Joe Biden announced electric car incentives in June. The Pelosi family made a fortune just as Congress was about to pounce on Big Tech. Mr. Pelosi made an easy $5.3 million by exercising options on Alphabet, Google’s parent company.”

“Paul Pelosi exercised $2 million in Microsoft options in March, just two weeks before the tech giant received a $22 billion contract to outfit the US Army with high-tech headsets,” he said.

“The Pelosis have never been charged with insider trading, but her marriage investments and access, combined with extremely lucky timing, have raised many eyebrows. All we’re doing is looking for money, and there’s a lot of it “Watters reached a conclusion.

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