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Thibaut Courtois blasts UEFA and FIFA for ignoring player welfare in order to ‘line their pockets’

Courtois, who had previously described the game as “pointless,” was part of a much-changed Belgium squad that was missing Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku due to injury. 

Italy also made numerous changes, and Courtois referred to the game as a UEFA money-grabbing scheme that ignored player welfare. 

“This game is just a money game, and we have to be honest about it,” Courtois said, launching a scathing attack on the game’s governing bodies. “We just play it because it’s extra money for UEFA.” “Take a look at how much both teams’ lineups changed.”

If both teams had made it to the final, there would have been additional players on the field. “This just goes to show that we play way too many games.” The Real Madrid goalkeeper also took aim at FIFA, citing plans to hold the World Cup every two years rather than every four. 

According to Arsene Wenger’s proposals, there would be a major tournament every summer and fewer qualifying matches, though UEFA remains opposed to the idea. 

Thibaut Courtois blasts UEFA and FIFA for ignoring player welfare in order to 'line their pockets'
Courtois’s great save against Italy. Image by Getty

“They (UEFA)created an additional trophy (UEFA Conference League)… “It’s always the same,” Courtois explained. “They may be upset that other teams want a Super League, but they don’t care about the players; they only care about their pockets.” “It’s unfortunate that players are not discussed.

Now that we’re hearing about a European Championship and a World Cup every year, when are we going to get a break? Never.”  

The former Chelsea player believes that more injuries are unavoidable unless someone speaks up for the players. “So, in the end, top players will get injured and injured and injured,” Courtois added.

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It’s something that should be handled much better and with greater care. “We are not machines!” It’s just more games and less rest for us, and no one seems to care.”We have a World Cup in November next year, so we’ll have to play until the end of June again.”

We are going to get hurt! Nobody is interested in the players any longer. “Three weeks off is insufficient for players to be able to compete at the highest level for a full year.”It [will] always be the same if we never say anything.”

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