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The reason why Benzema’s first goal against PSG was not a foul  


Donnarumma made everything a little easier for Real Madrid to qualify for the quarterfinals of the 2021-22 Champions League.

PSG was dominating with pleasure both in play and in the result, but the Italian’s blunder unleashed the perfect white storm, which with nothing managed to overcome the gaming winning 3-1.

The Italian goalkeeper rested on his laurels, Vinicius passed assisted Benzema to tie the game in the 61st minute.


Donnarumma complained of a possible push, but neither the VAR nor the referee Danny Makkelie considered that action to be worthy of a foul.

The referee believed that Benzema’s charge on the Italian was totally legal and in the regulations there is no special rule towards the goalkeeper in terms of fouls.

Benzema explained the play when asked after the game: “A foul on Donnarumma? Bah nothing… it’s a press.”

Therefore, totally legal action and the goal stood on the scoreboard. With the goal, Real Madrid believed in their chances while PSG faded little by little.

All the good that the Parisian team had done in the tie was useless, since after Benzema’s first two more came. All in just a few minutes.