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Real Madrid top officials asked Ancelotti to bet on a more physical team

According to Deportes, officials have asked Ancelotti to count much more on Valverde and Camavinga to enforce strength in midfield and also the Italian must think of direct football, using most of the entire squad available to him to end the team’s goal scoring drought.

The team must be given a twist. Only one goal and one win in four games. In the locker room, there was general self-criticism for the downturn in the game that Real Madrid is suffering.

The players know that they haven’t done much in the past few games. And the top officials of the club are uneasy and are already intervening. They demand a general change from Ancelotti.

A change in tactics combined with physical strength in midfield is necessary to solve these situations. The definitive analysis is that Valverde and Camavinga must play. They are the players who must provide the strength that the team does not have.

The final message is to rotate players often and not be defensive, as witnessed against PSG with Real Madrid having zero shots on target.

The coach and some of the players whose contracts expire at the end of the season might be at risk of not getting a renewal depending on the result at the end of the season.

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In those situations, the coach needs to have a plan B to respond to high-intensity teams like PSG and Athletic, who left Modric and Kroos without the ball. In those situations, the team’s concept and philosophy must change. The defeat against PSG has put the club on alert.

The internal caveat is that no title is guaranteed and all players, including the ones mostly in the starting lineup, must fight much harder to achieve success. They can’t rely only on their technical quality but also must work harder on and off the field.

Ancelotti has a lot of work to do because neither he nor his men have a clear diagnosis of what is happening to them. They have stopped scoring goals when Benzema has been out, but there are more things the team is lacking.

The coach has received the message and plans to rely more on Valverde from now on. And also play more vertical with lots of possession football for the team to start scoring more goals.

Less elaboration and more long balls to Vinicius and to the player on the right wing, be it Asensio, Rodrygo, or even Bale, to finish off on the second play, in two or three touches.

These tactical variations should be noted in the second leg of the Champions League, which will be used during the season in LaLiga and the UCL if Real Madrid qualifies. The best news: all 25 players are available.

For the leaders, only Courtois, Militao, Alaba and Casemiro were saved from the fire in Paris, and top Real Madrid officials pointed out that their team needs a change of game to perform at the highest level in Europe.

They emphasize that to eliminate PSG, they will have to develop a physical sixth gear that does not exist today.

Ancelotti has based his tactics on control of the ball with Modric and Kroos, but when they don’t have the ball, the team suffers. The coach must look for other concepts.

As “Chicletto” himself, as he is called in Italy, said when he arrived in Madrid for his second spell, football is now very intense and physical with much more pressure, so he will rely on players like Camavinga and Valverde.

It is what the club demands that the coaching staff apply that ideology when they see the team drowning, as happened against PSG.

In this sense, the delay in introducing Valverde into the game when Real Madrid had been locked up for 60 minutes was not understood.

The best news at the moment is the availability of the entire team.
Benzema and Mendy, who were declared fit to compete against PSG without being one hundred percent, trained normally, as did Mariano, who is also fit to compete. Ancelotti has his own 25 players available to him.

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