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Video: Real Madrid Target Endrick named MVP of the 2022 Copinha

Palmeira finished his great curse in Copinha and won the trophy for the first time in its history.

Yes, a star is being born in Brazil. Endrick, at the age of 15, consecrated himself in the final of the Sao Paulo Junior Cup, in which his team, Palmeiras, mercilessly beat Santos (4-0).

Finally, Verdao broke a historic club and added its first title in the most traditional grassroots tournament in Brazilian football.

The Palma’s ‘minor prodigy’, observed by Barça, Real Madrid and the greats of the Premier League, showed that he is a special player, who points very high.

In his country, throughout the tournament that has thrown him to stardom, they compare him uncomimply with Romario and Ronaldo.

And in H hour, when there was more pressure, it did not fail. MAKING A DIFFERENCE Endrick played a fundamental role in the historic triumph of Palma.

He opened the scoreboard, in the 5th minute, when Vanderlan reached the baseline and drew a precise center.

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Verdao’s ‘9’ knew how to find his space among the Santista center couple and finished first with his left-hander, who is pure gold. Palmeiras, encouraged by its ‘twisted’ that filled Allianz Parque, sentenced the final by fast track.

He infringed, on a very fragile Santos, a KO in the first fifteen minutes of the match, when he opened a definitive 3-0, with goals from Endrick, Giovani (an interesting left-handed end), who scored a goal and Gabriel Silva, direct free.

The Santos went deliberately for Endrick, who received a very hard mark, but never wrinkled.

Palmeiras knew how to manage its ultimate advantage. Santos kept ten before the break due to double warning of his central Derick.

And in a placid second half, the team led by Paulo Víctor put the 4-0 with another goal by Gabriel Silva. Endrick closes Copinha, where he has played against under-21 footballers, with six goals.

In case there was any doubt, the jewel of Verdao has shown that the training categories are already small and that his next step will be to join the first team, current champion of the Libertadores, which will happen in July when he turns 16 and signs his first professional contract.

The ‘twisted’ from Palma wanted him in the Club World Cup, which the São Paulo team plays this February in the Arab Emirates.

The coach, Abel Ferreira, however, opted for prudence, thinking that he already has to leave four players from the first squad out of the list of 23 summoned that he must deliver to FIFA.

The youth championship par excellence in Brazil, through which all the talents of Brazilian football have passed, ended today with a match between Palmeiras and Santos that the Verdao team has dominated from start to finish 4-0 at the end of the 90 minutes, with three goals achieved in the first quarter of an hour.

There was no color in the final. The tournament leaves Palmeiras as champion and Endrick as a big star.

The player wanted by Real Madrid scored the first goal of the final and was chosen by popular vote as the best soccer player of the tournament.

Another reason for Palmeiras to harden in the face of the barrage of offers that this boy who is turning the planet soccer upside down when he is only 15 years old will receive.

With the 9 on his back, Endrick opened the scoreboard with a killer shot on the edge of the small area, with a left-handed shot that thrilled his parents in the stands.

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