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Maradona advised Real Madrid President Perez to sell Bale and cash in on Mbappe in 2017


Following Kylian Mbappe’s outstanding performance in Paris Saint-1-0 Germain’s triumph over Real Madrid, Diego Maradona’s forecast regarding the Frenchman’s future success has been remembered by various media sources. 

Maradona admitted to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez in 2017 that he had recommended him to sign the PSG forward and cash in on Gareth Bale. 

Maradona told Spanish journalist Marco Ruiz, “Mbappe is going to be the one who is going to be better than many.” 

“‘Sign Mbappe,’ I instructed Florentino. And he informed me he had Cristiano [Ronaldo] and Gareth Bale on his team. 

“Pay attention to what I’m saying. Bale should be sold. Florentino, on the other hand, is even less likely to reveal his identity.”¬†

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Mbappe’s PSG contract expires on June 30, after which Real Madrid want to sign him on a free transfer.

Rumors of Mbappe staying at PSG were always going to heat up if Real Madrid lost the first leg.

PSG are still in talks with Mbappé to renew his contract, but nothing is working. Real Madrid are excited about the idea of signing him for free which will allow them to build a solid team around Kylian.